Thursday, April 17, 2008


big week for me... passed the licensure exam on monday (yeah yeah, i know, enough already), was offered a job today, AND... had three positive pregnancy tests. breathe.

which news first? the job. had my third meeting at bgtm this afternoon. it was to meet with the new residential director to make sure that we click. i met with the vp first, the with the rd. the new rd is nice. she’s brand new. anyway. she offered me the position, and i accepted. start on may 5th. residential therapist. own office. bigger salary. very happy. feeling very surreal.

while i was getting ready for the meeting earlier, i decided to take a pregnancy test. I'm on day 45 or something, very mild cramping. i was vomiting last week, and i never vomit. thought it might be food poisoning or something, but it wasn’t anything that i ate that night. kept meaning to test, but every time i have in the past, my period’s started the next day. so didn’t want to waste the time or money. but thought, what the hell, earlier. been nauseous and light-headed lately. oh wow. it was positive. called hubby bubby. he’s excited. but it’s so hard after last time. i’ve taken three tests so far and they’ve all been positive. so i’ll test again in the morning, and call the doc if it’s still positive. it was very hard to concentrate during the meeting at bgtm. i keep checking the tests to make sure I'm reading them right.

will keep ya posted...

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