Thursday, April 28, 2005

catch up rant

the last month has been an absolute whirlwind of activity. wedding planning, work, papers/proposals, more wedding planning... then of course there's been all the fun health stuff - no more hospital visits, but lots of doctors. apparently, i have vertigo. can't help but think of anything but the alfred hitchcock movie. it's from some kind of inner ear thing. tells ya how much i know about it!

then of course, there's more reunion stuff going on. out of the blue yesterday, this guy that i was really good friends with, but haven't talked to in about 10 years, emailed me. surprise! another camp friend. so we've been emailing back and forth. another friend whom i haven't talked to in, oh, 15 years, got in touch with me recently as well. i am absolutely loving this! the pictures keep flying, fingers can't type fast enough...

the one person i've been being a big dork about contacting... another camp friend... but this one was different. i swear. he was like a little brother to me for so long. just a super sweet guy. we talked on the phone at least once a day. i went to his senior prom - flew up east just to be there - found the picture last night. anyway. we lost touch a few years ago, 4 years ago? don't even remember why. i know that he always had a crush on me, but i always thought of him as the little brother type. plus there was a huge geographical distance between us. but for whatever reason, we stopped talking. when i got
engaged, and when all this other reunion stuff started happening, i decided to find him. started with the last known address i had for him. wrote him a letter. that came back to me. then started googling (that doesn't sound too dirty now, does it?) him, and found an address in new york. that wasn't it either. long story short (too late!) i came across a company that he worked at - had his picture on the site, so i knew it was him - and left him a voice mail at work. been being a huge dork the last two days waiting for him to call back. everyone kept asking if i had a crush on this guy or something. no. just get
excited about talking with people. and especially excited to reconnect with him. he *finally* called me back tonight. i didn't recognize the number on my cell - but figured it was him, and i was on my way to dinner, so i let it go to voicemail. but of course i called in my voicemail as soon as it came through. hurray! left him a message when i got home from dinner. it's a good start, right.

anyway. enough about that. i've got my first wedding shower tomorrow night. my aunt is throwing a family shower for me. very small, only about 12 or 13 people. the big shower's in june - think the current guest list is something like 60 or 70. should be interesting. my favorite wedding story right now is that one of my bridesmaids is pregnant! i am so excited about that! she asked me if i minded having a pregnant woman in my wedding. as long as is aint me, honey! this is her third, and she should be around 7 months or so come wedding dress time.

in other wedding news, my moh is coming to see me next week! haven't seen her in 11 years. crazy. but she's coming out for the weekend. got a few things planned for us to do. but nothing really wedding-like. baseball game, dinner. take her to the arch - she's never been to good old stl.

think that's about it. if i think of anything else... nah, that's about enough out of me for one night....

Friday, April 01, 2005

time stands still

so the last few days have been a whirlwind of activity - mostly good stuff, a little bad stuff. but to focus on the good stuff...

growing up, i spent the best times of my life at summer camp. numerous summer camps. but there was one in particular on the east coast changed my life. i lived in the mid-west, everyone else lived on the east coast. i was definitely the outsider. but i loved that place. the people, that is. i made the best friends of my life there. it took me a long time to get over the fact that camp was over. i'm talking years.

i kept in touch with people throughout the years following, but unfortunately lost touch with some due to circumstances, aka life. just imagine my joy to get an email a few months ago about a camp reunion. hurray! but it was in new york, of course, and i didn't have enough notice to get out there. from this reunion, a website was born. pictures, old and new. database of connections. people i hadn't thought about in close to 15 years. these were once my best friends. and it makes me sad to say that i hadn't thought about them in so long.

but now it's like the time span never occurred. i've been pouring over pictures that others have sent. what a punk i was! i barely recognize myself - i've never worn as much makeup in my life as i did my last summer at camp. how silly! i found all my old photo albums. am planning on posting pix to the website this weekend. hopefully. am currently rebuilding relationships with old friends. which i absolutely love!

i'm not currently capturing the full scope of my emotions surrounding this reunion. it's almost 11p and i'm exhausted. it was a draining week. so i'm gonna go to bed. i'm missing my love. he had a show tonight. i'm in a conference all day tomorrow on play therapy techniques. my eyes are closing. so i'm going to bed before i pass out. will continue tomorrow...