Saturday, January 19, 2008

Puerto Vallarta, pt 2

on the plane back now. Home. Can't wait to get there. Strange thing about vacations: always can't wait to get away, but even harder to wait to get home. I miss my husband. I miss our cats. I even miss work and my clients. I miss my life.

luckily, the plane wasn't full, so i got to move from my squished up seat. I was in a row with two other people who both took up two seats with their girth. Now, we all know that i'm not one to talk about someone's weight, people in glass houses and all that, but i had literally half an airplane seat, and was leaning out into the aisle. Not fun. Especially since the seats are so small to begin with. So i got to move. In a row all by myself. Which is really nice. I don't want to talk to people on planes. I always feel like i'm yelling, and i don't hear too well anyway.

Not too much eventful happened after the double daquiris. The weather was often spotty, but we braved it out (me often under a blanket of towel) by the pool. I tried a wonderful new drink (well, new to me anyway, considering it'd been over a year since i had any alcohol) called the mojito. So yum. New favorite. Read 12 of the 13 books i had brought, plus one of mom's. Into the 13th one now. Pretty good. Needed a break from reading though.

we went to a couple different breakfast places, nothing memorable. Ate lunch by the pool, splitting a sandwich or chicken quesadilla. Dinner was probably the highlight. Wednesday night, afteer our 2nd massages (pure bliss), we went to tikul. Verry yum. Macademia nut encrusted seabass. Another new favorite. Shopping at little stores.

Thursday night we went to Archie's Wok, a perrenial favorite. I thought it was just okay. Not as good i remembered. But their mojito was better than the ones by the pool. Then we went to a little jewelry store in the area. Really pretty stuff. I bought 2 rings and 2 bracelets.

or, i should say, i tried to buy 2 rings and 2 bracelets. My credit card was denied :( as it turns out, the company had arbitrarily lowered my limit between the time i left for mexico, and thursday. They sent a letteer, i was told. That's very nice, thank you, but i'm in mexico, and this is the only card i brought with me, what can you do to help me so i can eat the next two days? Finally, i got a guy who was nice and understanding, and agreed to extend my limit a little for the next few days. Nothing like getting your credit card denied while on vacation. At least the story has a happy ending: mom paid for all my jewelry. I really found some gorgeous stuff.

had seen a little square ring in a store earlier in the week, but it didn't fit. Finally found it again in a little store downtown where the owner told me i was a very pretty woman and spoke excellent spanish. He knew how to sell.

let's see... Friday night we went to barcelona tapas bar. Not bad. Their daquiri was horrible though. Oh well. How easily we slip back in to old habits.

mom's been driving me crazy. Been a long time since i've traveled with her. So passive aggressive, and everything has to be her way or she tantrums. But quietly tantrums. It was just easier to say "sure, whatever, i don't care, whatever you'd like." then she'd say, "i need some help, i want your input." so i'd give it to her. We'd end up doing what she wanted in the end. Such a silly game. But i really didn't caree where we went to eat. It was all good. The only time it really bugged me was on the days that the sun wasn't out and she still wanted to be by the pool.

And i went parasailing. Such a wonderful experience. Really enjoyed it. Took my camera up with me and got pictures. It was the perfect day for it, too.

And i got to go inside a mexican Walmart. That was my quest for the trip. After i saw the store from the taxi on the way to our first night into downtown, i wanted to go there. Still not sure why. Just felt it had to be dramatically different than the ones at home. Everything is so americanized there now. Kinda sucks. Changes the city. Anyway. We finally went last night. It was one of the supercenters with a full grocery. It wasn't stocked to the brim like ours are. There's a little bit of a lot. I bought a couple bottles of hot sauce for hubby bubby, andd found two knitting mags.

So i found two stores that sell yarn (walmart didn't even have it). La Perlita had some behind a glass case. But it was only Sinfonia, which we have at home. No patterns or anything else. The other store, Telas Parisina, had the same stuff, plus a bit of Bernat. ::pout:: oh well. I have plenty at home. Just thought it would be nice.

I think that's about it. Just ready to go home and be with my hubby. I'm such a sap. But we haven't been apart for a week before, at least not since we got married.

bye bye vallarta...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Puerto Vallarta, pt 1

january in mexico. Not a bad way to spend a week.

Got here on saturday (the 12th). On the beach by 1130 or so. I, of course, burnt immediately despite the constant application of spf 30. It finally stopped hurting. oh well. Went to a lovely italian place that night in the marina called portobello. It was yum.

So during the day we just lie around on the beach or by the pool. Definitely prefer the pool at the this hotel. The beach is nice, but it's not a smooth sand beach, so it's a little uncomfortable to walk on. Plus, it's very far away from the restrooms. An important thing to consider. But the pools are great. I think there are something like four or five on the properrty. And they all have these little beds built in that you can lie on. Little sunning beds. So i bring a book into the pool, lie down in the water. Can't complain.

Dinner at Trio on sunday. Also yum. Our routine has been to get up around 730 or 8, hit the gym, get breakfast, then go change into our suits. Lie out from about 10 to 4 or 5, get cleaned up for dinner. Rough life, i know.

monday night we booked massages at this little place in the marina that does 75 min for $40. Cannot find that kind of deal at home. It was heaven. We're going back tonight. After the masssage we went to a sushi place called Susie Wong's. It was okay. I can be snobby about my sushi. I like it cold, and this place was lukewarm. Oh well. Still good.

Tuesday morning we walked into the marina for exercise and breakfast. Then i had my nails done at a little place. I thought they had done a good job. It was a nice experience - they even put cucumbers on my eyes. Nice. But about half way through the day i noticed that the polish was still sticky, and then it started coming off. Definitely not happy about that. By late in the afternoon it was all gone. So might go say something to them when we go to the marina tonight.

so last night we went to Las Palapas with a couple that mom knows from home. Claytonites. I've met them before i think. Anyway. This couple brought some friends of theirs who are also from st. louis. I got stuck sitting at the end of the table with the friends of friends. The husband was nice enough, but the wife started talking about her alcoholism and depression, and would not shut up. Once she found out i was a clinical social worker, all bets were off. Omg! I fell like i should've been paid for dinner! I had 2 strawberry daquiris instead. She had a bunch of stuff going on. It was a little much for me.

i skipped the gym this morning in favor of sleep. By the pool now. Very relaxing. Gonna go read now. Later.

Friday, January 11, 2008

what's going on

happy new year. Been crazy busy. But isn't it always. Things have been good. Still not pregnant. We don't think. Took pee test this morning, but it might still be too early to tell. We'll see what happens. But the good news is that my progesterone levels are finally up. They were in the 20s at the last test, which is really good. So yea me.

Off to mexico in the morning. So looking forward to a week on the beach. I have to do some mad packing tonight. Dad's picking me up at 4am. Lovely.

So tired today. Hubby bubby woke me up in the middle of the night, and i couldn't get back to sleep. Oh well. I figure i'll sleep on the beach.

Crazy week it's been. Last weekend i went looking at houses with realtor friend. Found a few i liked. All in olivette. That night hubby bubby and i went over to her house and played 80s trivia with her and some friends. Hubby and i won! Go us.

sunday, after ethical and the grandparents, we went to show hubby the houses we found, and decided to pursue on of them. We were going to look at it later in the week, but realtor friend said that since we don't have our house on the market, we shouldn't pursue this house. It'll look like a stronger contract if our house is on the market, she said. S'okay. After i get back from mexico - nothing but beach fro the next 7 days - we'll start getting our house ready.

Monday night i went out with a fellow yarnie. Went to the new steinmart. Dept store. Nothing too exciting. Then to borders. Sat and knit and talked. She and her hubby are trying for baby #2 and she's in the same boat we are. So we talked about that.

Wednesday, grrr. Got really tired of dealing with stupid people. Went to best buy to look for a cable for hubby bubby. The greeter guy didn't know what the cable was or where to find it. Also didn't know where to find xd cards for my camera. Then why are you up at the front?

Then, i went to walgreens to pick up my clomid rx, pregnancy test and sunblock. Great combo right. Won't know if i need the clomid until i take the test, and couldn't get an accurate test until the weekend. But i had to buy the clomid in case it's negative, which now we think it is. Grrrrrrr. So i asked the pharmacist if i can return the clomid if it turns out i don't need it and don't take any of it. she got all rude, and said no. Then she got others involved, and they were beyond rude. So now we may or may not be out $70. I was growling by the time i got home.

Then...i go to check out bank statement on-line, and find that enterprise rent-a-car has withdrawn $170 from out account. Huh? So i call over there and talk with the manager who tells me that my insurance company has refused to pay for the last week i had the rental, and they've been trying to get a hold of me, and have left several messages. Uhm, no you haven't. Turns out they have an incorrect number for me. Moron inputted it in to the computer incorrectly. So i call my insurance guy, who after researching the issue, says, no, they never heard from enterprise. No records at all. And of course they'll pay for the rental charges, not even a question. So now i'm really soured on enterprise. Don't like to be lied to.

everything else has been good. Got my hair done yesterday. Always fun. It's purple. I love my hairdresser. She gave me pretty purple hair. Yea!

So now i'm sitting in a doctor's office waiting room, waiting for a client to be done with her session. She asked me if i wanted to come in, and i said no thanks, i went in with you last time. Truth is, i wanted to get my notes done. Bad me. Oh well. I've got to get everything done before i leave.

discharged three clients in the last week. Which sucks bcs now i'm down to 9. Need at least 11. And we've got a lot of days out on our team, so we have to scramble to make team share (bonuses). Intake is going to find me clients while i'm gone next week.

finally tracked down a couple old friends. Really happy about that. Lost a good camp friend a few years ago; found him. Talked with him last week. So that was nice. Also found a friend from high school. We've been emailing a lot. Can't believe he's married and has a kid. Amazing that we all actually do grow up. So finally breaking down and joining facebook and myspace has finally paid off.

I'm so friggin tired. Shame on hubby bubby. Yes, it was for a good cause ;) but still.

been making socks on two circular needles. That's been fun. The first pair i made, i was almost done with before i tried them on, and they were too small :( i'm working on the second pair now. Almost done. Turning the second heel. Like this method a lot. Can make two socks at once.

i think that isabelle wants to learn how to make socks too. When we came home last night, she had taken a ball of soysilk sock yarn (called tofootsie) and wound it through the house. At least she pulled from the center of the skein! Then she did it again this morning. Silly cat. My fault for leaving the yarn where she could get it. I seriously need more yarn storage. Gotta work on that.

Okay. I'm done. My fingers are tired. I will bring my little gadgets with me to mexico so i can write on the beach. Later.