Sunday, May 08, 2005

some things never f***ing change

*otherwise known as the weekend from hell*

how stupid was i to think that things would be different from the last time we saw each other? my gosh, was i an idiot! i honestly don't know why she's here since she's so far spent the entire time on the phone with her husband. and if she's not talking to him, she's talking about him. and if she's not talking about him, she's text messaging him. it's absolutely ridiculous. i'm so angry with her, and i'm angry with myself for not expecting this to happen. this is exactly what happened the last time we saw each other.

when i went to visit her 11 years ago. she spent the entire time with her boyfriend. even went so far as to make me sit outside his house for 2-1/2 hours while they were doing only g-d knows what. flashback. not pretty.

have we spent any time talking about my/our wedding plans? no. have we spent time talking about hers? yes. has she lied left and right about the most miniscule things? yes. so i don't know why i'm so surprised. it's almost too stupid to really be happening.

we went out for a nice dinner that was supposed to be her treat - per her instructions a few weeks ago, i made reservations at this ultra-fancy restaurant bcs she said she wanted to treat us to a nice meal. bill comes and she says "how do you want to split this up?" no joke. what could i say? there was absolutely no nice way to handle that. so i said "why don't we just split it so that we pay 2/3 and you pay 1/3." really angry about that. i can tell that i'm going to have a hard time letting this go.

she spent 20 minutes during dinner on the phone with the husband. we got home, and she went outside to spend another 20 on the phone with him. then spent the rest of the evening texting back and forth. yes, you miss him, i get that. but have some f***ing independence. the entire day was about text messaging. i'm so f***ing sick of text messaging. so of course i can't sleep. tried earlier but just gave up. i'm just so *BIG SCREAM* right now. but i've got to try to sleep. got the big mother's day brunch thing in the morning. and i haven't slept very well this past week. all of this is not sitting well with me. yeah, i'm gonna have a hard time getting over this....