Sunday, May 04, 2008

procrastination rocks

i'm doing well.  just constantly tired.  not sleeping well.  little bugger wakes me up a million times during the night to pee.  then i have trouble falling back asleep.  i'm hoping that i'll be able to get back on a schedule this coming week.  i've had no schedule whatsoever for the past two months.  it's funny how things work out.  now that i'm pregnant, i would've been starting to look for another job anyway - my old job was too hazardous to do while pregnant.  i mean, it could be done, and others had done it before me, but i wouldn't have liked it.  so it ended up working out just fine that i quit when i did.  i was already pregnant, just didn't know it yet.  but i'm excited about starting the new job tomorrow.  i went to a staff meeting last week to meet people and get a little bit acclimated.  there's going to be sooooo much to learn.  kinda scary.  but a good kind of scary for me.  it's a huge step up from what i was doing before.  looking forward to getting my office set up.  we bought me a little ipod speaker dock for my office that i can also plug my xm radio in to.  

finally got all the licensure paperwork filed.  that has been a huge pain in the ass.  after i passed the exam, i sent in for my provisional license, but had my old licensing supervisor and job site listed.  they apparently don't transfer, and my old supervisor wouldn't continue supervising me.  so i had to fill out a new set of paperwork, and my mom was going to supervise me for licensure.  but apparently we can't do that.  so i had to scramble to find another supervisor and get that paperwork signed.  i had the same damn piece of paper notorized three times at my bank - the lady kept looking at me funny!  oh well.  it's over.

pregnancy is going well.  i'm just about 8 weeks, and haven't really felt too badly.  was kind of concerned that i'm not experiencing "common" morning sickness symptoms, but the doc said that was fine, and to enjoy it.  so i am.  it's not too bad.  just feel like i have my period all the time, crampy-like. i feel like this is much easier than everyone says that it is!  i wish this for everyone!  we had our second ultrasound on friday. i was starting to get worried about the baby, especially since i wasn't feeling sick.  plus, two of my girlfriends who were as far along as i am recently miscarried.  and while i know that there's no correlation, it still made me stop and think.  feel so bad for them.  makes me feel bad for being happy.  but i know they want me to be happy.  i'm already getting huge!  between being on bed rest for six weeks and being pregnant, i'm going to start looking like a house before this is over!

not much else is going on. just looking forward to starting work. been getting bored at home. haven’t been doing much. little bit of knitting here and there. reading pregnancy books and updating the pregnancy organizer/journal. watching dumb tv. really dumb tv. at least i weened myself off 90210... finally picked pictures out of our wedding album proof book. mom’ll be happy. went through it last night and picked the pix we wanted for our album, and the ones for individual pictures, 8x10s, etc. got inspired by putting the sonogram pictures in a little brag book. go me. only took a little over two and a half years...