Wednesday, April 09, 2008

nerd alert

busy week. been spending most of it studying for the licensing exam. it’s scheduled. been pretty mean about not telling anyone when it’s scheduled for. don’t need any more pressure. i put enough on myself as it is. still scary. test anxiety is lessening. never studied this much for an exam before in my life. but i’ve been at starbucks and the library for most of the day. doing all right on the practice tests. but am starting to memorize the questions and answers. need to make sure I'm memorizing the material instead. from what i understand, the test is pure memorization. so based on the practice exams, i know where my weaknesses are and can focus on them.

oh, this is frustrating: hadn’t heard anything back from the doctor with test results from last week, so i called yesterday. they couldn’t find where they sent my blood for testing. that really instilled confidence in my doctor. they said, we’re sorry but we don’t know where it is. then, i get a third call back from the office asking when and where i gave the sample. uhm, in your office after the consultation. frustrating. they called me back today to let me know that they found the sample and had some of the results. everything looked good. so just going from there.

what else? still interviewing. got the third call from bgtm. they’re very interested. going for a drug screening tomorrow for them. i’ve been unofficially offered a position with them pending a passing score on the licensing exam. so that’s really good. talked with the vp there on monday, and she wants for me to call her after the exam. then she’s going to set up a meeting with me and the new residential therapy director. but the unspoken offer is there. had an interview today with another residential agency that is attached to a children’s psychiatric hospital. they want to see me again for a second interview late next week. so we’ll see. I'm not counting my chickens yet...

haven’t been doing anything except studying really. watching a little tv. i was about to mention how boring my life is, but we all know what happens when i do that...

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