Wednesday, April 23, 2008

baby on the brain

had the first ultrasound yesterday!!!!!! so exciting. baby is 5-mm long (1/6 of an inch), and 6 weeks old. crazy for all the nausea I'm having. hubby bubby and i are being incredibly dorky. showing off our first baby pictures. but we’re excited. and like i just finished telling a friend, we’re probably exactly like the millions of first-time expectant parents before us, but since this is so new to us, we feel dorky. and are probably boring and annoying people to death already. trying not to. we’re just excited. after trying for sooooooo long... hubby bubby beshert has been a little gigglebot the last few days. it’s so cute.

went to the zoo today with a girlfriend and her daughter. lots of fun. really nice day out. baby isn’t letting me eat very much, or very healthy. but i guess right now i just eat what i can. so far the “morning sickness” hasn’t been too bad. just constant nausea and mild cramping. here’s hoping it stays this way

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