Wednesday, April 16, 2008

go me!

i passed!!!! hurray!!!! there are not enough exclamation points to express how happy i am that i passed and never have to take that damn exam again. it was a bitch. absolutely ridiculous. but it’s over. took it on the 14th. i have never studied so hard for an exam in my whole entire life. never. i even made flash cards. yes, flash cards. they were helpful. i was a nervous wreck throughout the whole exam. test anxiety ran rampant. would be fine for a little bit, then would start thinking about the ramifications of failing the test. have a little panic attack. talk myself off the ledge. the test was like nothing that i prepared for. nothing. i held my breath as i waited for the results. had to take this survey about the testing center before getting my score. i thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest waiting. i still don’t know what my actual score was. but it doesn’t really matter. all that matters is that i passed. and that i never have to take the test again. i would like to know my score, though. or maybe not. but i started a blog about the exam with some tips that helped me. apparently, according to several personal sources, not many people pass it on the first try. whew!

my darling hubby bubby beshert sent me flowers. he’s so cute. we went to chang’s that night to celebrate. sal took us out last night. and we went out with grandma tonight. but that was bcs grandpa is out of town. we didn’t tell her about the exam. not sure she would’ve gotten it. my parent’s haven’t offered to do anything special for me. kinda sad about that. i know they know the importance of the exam. I'm sorry - I'm feeling a little self-important right now. very proud of myself. don’t mean to be boastful and overall full of myself. just happy that I'm done with the blasted thing.

have a third meeting with bgtm tomorrow afternoon. meeting with the new residential director. hopefully this will be the last meeting before an offer is extended. made my first cobra payment today - not happy about that. don’t want to do that for another month.

so relieved about our taxes. they were about $7000 less than we thought they were going to be. yeah, that much. we sold our rental property last year, and were expecting to pay a huge capital gains tax. we had enough charitable donations and other deductions to offset the capital gains taxes. we still owed money, but it wasn’t nearly as much as we thought it would be. so we’re happy. plus, the tax accountant found errors in our 2004-2006 taxes, so we’re going to be getting a refund from those years. I'm still freaking out about money. will continue freaking out until i resume being gainfully employed.

speaking of... i went by my old office last week to return the emergency car kit and fire extinguisher. felt totally dismissed. they weren’t exactly rude, but they weren’t friendly either. had to keep telling myself that it was business, not personal. my former supervisor acted totally indifferent towards me. it hurt. i understand that i sorta put them in a bad position having to fill my job without real notice. but like she said at the time, it was expected. they knew it was coming. after everything, it hurt.

made a bunch of beaded stitch markers today. need to take pictures so i can list them on etsy. it was fun. went to kirkwood knittery yesterday. bought myself some koigu as a celebratory present. loooooove koigu. need to do some finishing of projects.

all good things people....

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