Monday, April 21, 2008


okay, so 8 tests between thursday and this morning. had the blood test on friday. the doctors all laughed at me when i asked their professional opinions about the number of positive tests. got the official results this afternoon: I AM PREGNANT!!!!! i promised no more peeing on sticks. hubby bubby was laughing at me every morning when i would test. but i just couldn’t believe it. still can’t. we go for the ultrasound tomorrow.

we are obviously thrilled. it’s been a long crazy year of all this trying. we weren’t even really trying this last cycle bcs of my head injury. i know, too much information.

saturday was passover. lots of people at my parent’s house. i was so nauseous i couldn’t eat. ate matzoh throughout the entire service, and two and half matzoh balls for dinner. had to keep going outside for fresh air. it was all the food smells. once they were gone i started to feel better.

so our families are of course over the moon. mom and dad are freaking out as much as we are. mom has been restraining dad from telling everyone until we knew for sure. just got an email from a girlfriend, and she’s pregnant too! and about as far along as i am (6 weeks, we think). so now i have a pregnancy buddy. hurray!

I'm trying to breathe and concentrate on other things, but it’s very difficult

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